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Sickness all around


Last night I was watching tv, the movie I, Robot, which was good fun.
Then I went back upstairs and within a minute I was feeling sick and dizzy and .. well it wasn't pretty. This morning I got up and thought I was feeling ok, but after being in the shop for about an hour I decided it wasn't a good idea to be working today. Instead of walking on air, it seemed I was walking on a really annoying inflatable cushion. So I left work, got some milk and some drink that turned out to be *siroop* and that really makes me happy because I had been looking for that, but unable to find it.
And now I'm at home wondering what to do.
Not sick enough to be lying in bed and not well enough to be walking about.
Soooo.. write a blog!

I had promised something about things burning in the kitchen. Well, when I opened the front door after having arrived there I got hit in the face by a very disgusting sort of smell. It was like a big cloud of smoke was in the hallway and kitchen, except you couldn't see it.
Whereas the Chinese usually have the front door opened when they're cooking, they hadn't this time - for some reason. So I opened the front door, my door and my window, hoping to get some wind through the house. After a little while one of the Chinese came flying past my door, straight into the kitchen. I hurried after him to see what was going on. They were steaming some bread and the lowest saucepan had run out of water, it had gone pitch black. Oh, almost forgot, I made a picture of it after they he had left. I was talking to the guy a bit and then the other Chinese walked into the kitchen he pulled a really funny face and then turned to me straight away and said sorry sorry! I have raised them well.
When I was cooking in the kitchen later on, Tom walked in and we had a bit of a chat. Then he left. Then a minute later he came back: Can I have your number? .. In case I lock myself out. So yay.
And I finally have the papers for my grant sorted out, faxed them to school and they arrived there. It's out of my hands. Now it needs to find its way into my bank account.

I feel like making pancakes, but I haven't got all the ingredients. I've felt like making pancakes for quite some time already actually. One of these days.. might ask Daniella over.. or ask Tom if he feels like having pancakes.
One of them Chinese said he's 30 years old! I wouldn't have thought.
"And how old are you?"
"So young!"
Lol. Turns out they can both write and read English propperly, it's just the speaking and understanding spoken English that is difficult for them. Which I find weird actually. How can you learn how to write and read and *not* pick up how to say things? Funny schooling system. It does explain how they're getting around at uni though.
I explained to him that broccoli was called broccoli in English. =D
Fun with foreigners. Even though I'm a foreigner myself.
In England do not mistake trousers with pants. Not a good idea.
Oh and I learned a saying: it cost me an arm and a leg. Funny how a lot of sayings are similar to Dutch ones, they just use different animals or body parts. You'd wonder why..

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Well there you go

Or not..


Blog time.
Lady thought she'd be going to play some bingo tonight, but other lady forgot I'd be coming along, so there you go. The rest of the day has been quite interesting. I woke up at about a quarter to ten, giving me exactly enough time to be in the park by 11. There I spent a few hours standing behind a stall doing nothing, basically. It was fun though. Different scenery. There was music, laugher and chatter. A few hours well spent earning me an extra day off whenever I want it - which will be in October, when my parents will be here.

Ugh - don't really feel like typing whole loads of stories. More for next time.

Remind me to talk about the things that burnt in the kitchen.

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A cuppa

Do you know that feeling? A deep deep craving for COFFEEEEE.
Not the silly powdery coffee dissolves when you pour some water over it. Not a cup of tea, no.
Some propper coffee.
Paying 1.50 for it is not that expensive, it would be though when it'd be on a daily basis. One way to save some money? Get a coffee maker.
I looked in Sainsbury's [comparable to Albert Heijn], where they were at least 25 quid. Then one of my colleagues got the Argos catalogue. 7 pounds! The very cheapest one. Should last me 5 months don't you think? It has a permanent filter, so I don't have any costs there. I'm not allowed to make any hot drinks in my room though, so I have to move my coffee maker back and forth to the kitchen every time I want to make some coffee. I'm not leaving in the kitchen, before you know it, it will have gotten all greasy and non-white. I made coffee this morning, thinking it might overpower the Chinese food smell, but in order to smell the coffee you'd have to stand in a one-meter radius of the coffee maker. Just imagine that.
And what do you know, they sell Douwe Egberts coffee here - just don't ask me to pronounce it the way they do here. It's odd.
Cheers, love. Thanks ever so much.
Oh and you wouldn't believe how often people have asked me if I'm American. I'd almost be insulted - no offence. I guess sounding American implies my English is relatively speaking quite correct, which should be a compliment, but I'd rather sound British. Guess I can't fool the actual British people there. I'd have to start pronouncing the u as an o.

Bot I domped the bocket there!
So I says she weren't there at all!

This is your every day language here.

Oh and another appearantly very English thing. Dunking your biscuits. If I have to believe my colleagues [which I shall], you become a dunking expert. Eventually you'll know exactly how often each kind of cookie has to be dunked in order to achieve the perfect result.

And when I wanted to go home for my break this afternoon, I said:

Can I just pop out for my dinner?
[Yea, sure.]
Allright, see you in a bit!

I can say all of it, now it's just a matter of waiting for it to feel natural.

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My new roommate!

Well there's a lot to tell here.
Let's start with Sunday, I went for a bikeride! It was nice. A colleague had told me where I could find signs of bike routes, and I found them. I decided I'd be going to Derrington. I didn't know how far it was [It didn't say] and I didn't know where I would end up. I ended up in a really tiny town which, after enquiry, didn't even have any shops [not even a supermarket]. I went about the town to make some pictures when the clouds got really really dark, so I cycled home as fast as I could. And guess what, after arriving home the sun came out again. The rest of the day I didn't do much. At a quarter past 4 I decided to look for some groceries and it turned out the shops I regularly shop at close at 4 on a Sunday. Luckily FarmFoods was still open. I got a bag of frozen chips and decided to put them into the oven in my plastic boxes. I figured they could also be put in the oven, seeing they could handle the microwave. Very wrong thought. I have a couple of boxes that have a wrong shape now. ^^
And we keep learning every day.
Just like yesterday, somebody explained the eating system.
You have breakfast in the morning, then you have dinner, then you have tea and then supper. Tea is your actual "dinner" and supper is what you have at about 9, like a cracker or whatever you feel like. That explains a conversation I had a few days ago, somebody asking me if I'd have [...] for tea. And I thought why .. why! would I have that with tea? I understand now.
Same as not asking for minced meat [but then in a slightly different spelling, same pronunciation] because then you'll get fruity stuff, no, if you want *meat* you ask for minced beef. Strange guys, those Brits.
And I might be buying a coffee machine. There was one for sale at Argos for 7 pounds, which proves it will be complete [censored], but if it lasts me 5 months then I'm a happy person. I want good coffee, not fake coffee or expensive coffee, no, I want normal coffee [that is, just for those two reasons, good coffee]!
Yesterday I was talking to a colleague of mine who often goes to play Bingo with some of her friends and family. And guess what! She invited me to come along! As I have nothing better to do I say, why not? So, Sunday I'm going to play Bingo. I'll be the youngest one there by far, but who cares. I'm not going to say no to an opportunity to socialise with some people.
And now for the moment we've been waiting for.
The new roommate.
He's great! I mean it's not like I know him [yet], but he's as normal as normal can get. And he speaks English. He had his door open all the time and I just couldn't keep myself from peeking around the corner, and there he was, playing video games with a friend of his who turned out to be living on the top floor [is it you who walks so loudly?]. He said straight away that I was more than welcome to join them, and so I did. They got a pizza out of the oven while the Chinese stood there, making a huge meal again.
It's like all the little pieces that will together shape my life here the coming few months are finally coming together, and it feels good.
After Tom [being his name] decided he'd probably go to bed, me and his friend left. I thought I'd go downstairs to see if Daniella was there, but she wasn't so I went back up to my room and I found Team Fortress 2 had decided to work today! [That's a computer game I like to play] So I had a bit of a laugh with my friends in TF2 and then went to bed.
Didn't sleep well, got up, and now I'm here having my breakfast and typing this, and this is where the story caught up with me.
Time for my shower!
See you.

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Just do it.


So last night was fun.
Met up with Andy and his girl at the pub I already knew and luckily Mark didn't show. The music was really loud so we decided to go to another pub, this was a pub with a Titanic theme. This pub also had carpet on the floor. It was way too bright and busy in there though. We spent a little while talking to some other people that Andy and/or Barbara [I think] knew. They left after a while, telling us to come after then in a bit. So we did. We went to yet another pub, also carpetted, it's really cosy. They had karaoke on as well! So did the first pub, but as previousely explained, one could not spend time there and blah blah.
And guess what. I sang! Two songs even. Yay. I did Marlene on the wall by Susanne Vega and The Scientist by Coldplay. I was so nervous, unbelievable, but it's just a matter of getting over yourself. Nobody cares if you can sing, you just have to sing and people will clap anyway and then half a second later they've forgotten you. When it was my turn the DJ just pointed at me and then asked.. how in the world do you pronounce your name?
Yay! My name is awesome. Causing confusion all around. The guy at the bike shop wanted to know what my name was so I said Mieke and he wrote down Mika.
I went to sleep at about 2 in the morning, although I had to be at work again at 9. At work I met another colleague for the first time. She turned out to be a real neat freak. Cleaning everything all the time, arranging the coat hangers by sort, things like that. I thought whoa, calm down a bit here. I mean it's all useful and convenient in the end, but it was just taking it a bit too far. Not that I have a lot of advanced standards when it comes to order.
Oh right. I had bought some sort of meat pie that you just had to stick in the oven for half an hour, I was to have that for dinner today. Which was a good thing because the Chinese decided to make a soup with all the animal limbs lying about in the freezer: big mess and hardly any room for other saucepans.
It smelt like something had been lying there rotting for ages. Not the soup, no, my dinner! Yuck, seriousely. I threw it in the dustbin in the kitchen so it's bound to smell nice there now ^^. We just have the one dustbin, nothing for the green stuff. Nada. I'm SO not doing that again, I'll just cook. So I just warmed up some sausages and put them on a bun and ate that. Quite full now anyway.
Allright enough for now, I'm going to accompany Daniella downstairs for another episode of ... X-Factor! Yay!

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