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sunny -1 °C

That's a question I hear so often it's unbelievable. Especially last night, when Cynthia made me some food. I felt really spoilt.
We were to meet up at 17.50 by the Greek restaurant, her daughters' house was just a few houses away - Cynthia could just not remember the right number. It was a really small house. If you'd put the upper floor next to the bottom floor you'd have the size of a standard appartment here. Downstairs you had a small livingroom and a kitchen the same size. Then you had two bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom that was only accessible through bedroom number 2. That was all! And entering through the front door you'd end up in the livingroom right away.
It was ever so cosy there though, and the smell reminded me of a homely situation, can't remember which house it reminded me of, though. The kitchen was so clean it was unbelievable. It's been a long time being in a kitchen as it's supposed to be: a kitchen where all the appliances have their original colour, and not the colour the food has spattered on them.
Cynthia had made a meat and potatoe pie and some random veggies. Om nom nom. So we had that food and then a drink and a doughnut. If you've started wondering where her daughter was at, just as I was, she was on holiday and Cynthia was taking care of the house as well as the dog [one of them white ones with black spots]. Afterwards we went to sit in the livingroom and put the tv on. She started chattering and chattering (but she always does) and somehow we ended up at the story of how her husband died. In some way that was inevitable I guess, so I just sat there and listened and I thought: whatever you do, don't start crying. She didn't, although she almost had me crying.
All in all it had been a very pleasant evening.
Outside it was freezing. Not just cold, no, below zero! I'm sure of it!

And I just tried to turn my heater on, but it refuses....
You have *got* to be kidding me.
I'll give it a kick later.

I got a recipe book in the shop. A book with a thousand beginners' recipes. Should be good. I moved all my books from the window sil to my desk because I think they were getting damp by the window.

Talk about getting damp.. When I got back home yesterday I opened the front door, stepped inside and bam! My glasses fogged up instantly and the air was ever so moist. It was as if I stepped into a sauna or summit. Guess who was cooking in my kitchen!
Oh yea. They're definately back.

Heating is still refusing service.

I bumped into Daniella yesterday when I was on my way home from work and she said she'd received my Facebook message and she had asked her boss if she could come 'round to the house to give me an invitation, but he said NO!

And I'm so sorry but I have to go now. Take a shower and fix the heater. It's getting cold here.

Cheers, duckies.

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Where they build the sheep


Aren't accents just lovely.
Aren't people who don't know how to pronounce things a nuissance.

Let's answer no to the second one, because obviousely I'm not a [complete] genius myself.
I had a rather interesting conversation today, though, with Dee.
We were talking about a trip she had made to Birmingham.

We've been to where they build the sheep.
Excuse me, what? Sheep?
Yes, yes, sheep! Have you seen the movie Titanic? They built that sheep!
Oh, right..

Same sort of thing happened just about an hour ago.
My Chinese men are back, they were on a little trip to the Lake District. Right now I'm listening to their chatter in the kitchen again. Bye, peace. And as much as I wanted to, I can't shout: Honey, I'm home! anymore when I get back from work, because there'd be three honeys listening.

Can you pay me the fee for the night?
Excuse me, what?
The night! [Pointing at his laptop]
Oh, the Internet..

The other day somebody asked me if I was Irish, that's a new one!

Tomorrow I don't have to cook! How's that!
If you nag about how you're not particularly eating propperly somebody is bound to invite you over for tea. So one of my colleagues will be making tea for me tomorrow. She's invited me to her daughters house. Should be interesting!

Nothing much more has happened. I've slept and worked.

I suppose you'll hear more of me in the near future, after having my tea in a random British house! Remind me, I have to get a little something to take with me as a thank you.

I greet you, dearest sheep. The white [after a wash, obviousely] and fluffy kind. Because I like you so much.

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A quiet Sunday


Let's start the story [continue, more like it].

It's Saturday evening and I'm looking forward to an evening in the pub next door.
Martin texted me if I was going, I got Tom to come and he had arranged for one or two others to come along. His others were to show later and we'd see Martin there.
So we leave. All happy and cheerful.

May I see your invitations please?
Uh.. what?

So we had to return home, lacking invitations and all.

You'd think you'd want to get a pub as full as possible on the opening evening, no? Or is that just me.

Then I get a text message from Martin about an hour or two later. "If it's any consolation, I'm quite drunk right now."
No? That's no consolation?
Then another hour later I get another text. "I was just going through my sent messages, I'm so sorry."
Which made the whole thing funny.

I spent the evening reading with a cup for hot chocolate. And I have to finish this book by next Friday so yay.

I slept and I slept and I slept a bit more.
And then I woke up.
I did some reading and Prison Break watching and then I took a shower and then I went to Sainsbury's.
Then I moved all my things to the kitchen and did the dishes and started baking pepernoten, which took until about five in the afternoon.

Furthermore, Tom and I have been without Chinese people since Saturday morning [about 7 in the morning, to be exact], which is bliss.
If they had been here I certainly would have had no chance to sit in the kitchen the entire afternoon, baking pepernoten.
All of it failed. I blame the oven. They just stayed really soft. The top is hard but the inside is still soft. I kept to the recipe. Tried two recipies in fact, and then kept them in longer than advised [the second time round anyway].
I really think, and Tom with me, that the oven has multiple malfuntions. I'm going to do some more experiments, but with smaller batches. At least now our house smells nice. Pepernoten all around! No need to keep the front door open for that smell!
Tom came in and out a few times to taste and to give me a tea bag because I felt like having tea. I had a really good Sunday! A real Sunday Sunday.

Back to work tomorrow, unfortunately without any food to present my colleagues, but I will soon enough. Thursday I'll be going to Lichfield again. Either with Gene or with Carla. Yay!

Enough for now.
Cheers my dears.

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Visitors and my future House


Well well..
After a long silence, I'm back!
I was never really gone though.
There is a slight problem though, being that I can't sing and type at the same time so this might very well take a long time.
Not that you care, this won't affect your reading.
Or will it?
I'm not the one to discover now am I?

I'll put on some instrumental music.

There we go.

Last Monday my parents arrived. I had cleaned my room up and it was very tidy!
They arrived at about two in the afternoon and we had a walk through the park and I showed them my room. Then we walked to the hotel which was really very cute [one of 'em old English buildings] and I showed them where I worked. Somehow we were talking to Tracy about my room, and my parents said it was tidy.. *cough* to [i]my[i] standards. Thank you very much. It really was tidy! Ha! :P
After walking though the town a bit more we went for dinner in their hotel. The food was really nice, I enjoyed having decent food!
Dad : You're enjoying that as if you just came out of the jungle.
Make of that what you wish.
They walked me home and set a time for the day after.
We took the train to Birmingham, which is only half an hour away. We got a map from the train station and just randomly started walking about. There are some random pictures in the picture gallery. The city is really weird and it's smelly. Some streets you just had to cover half your face in order to not breathe in the must-be-lethal fumes.
The nicest part was near the canals. It was really pretty! [See my pictures]. There were signs pointing in the direction of Sherborne, which I one time translated something about, so if I get the chance I'm taking the boat to Sherborne!
While I'm at it, I'm also going to convince somebody to take me to Chester. The good thing about Stafford is that it's in the middle of Great Britain, so everything is sort of reachable.
We went back home and then had tea in the hotel again. I had the same food! Lamb stew. Very eatable.
Then we just sat there for a long time talking talking and talking some more.
The next morning I met them at the hotel and they walked me to work, after which they'd go to the station and catch the train back to the Netherlands. It was an emotional goodbye and after crying on Tracy's shoulder I got back to greeting customers happily.
A couple of very nice days.

Then Thursday night there was a meeting in one of the council buildings. I met up with Carla on the main square and then her boyfriend led us to where we had to be. Hadn't he done that, I'd have walked straight into a building where I was not supposed to be.
The building was ever so beautiful. Unbelievable. I walked inside and I said: This is what I want my house to be like. Seriousely. I regret not having taken my camera with me. It was like you were walking around in a movie from the middle ages [or perhaps a bit later than that]. I was really enjoying myself and I was really happy I had decided to dress up a bit. Casual was a no-can-do there, just a feeling. The meeting room was really awesome. I just can't describe it.
Bridget had to say a few words and that was really emotional somehow, because you could just see she was about to start crying. Or that was just me. It meant a lot to her, though.
Afterwards there was food! Free food!
All kinds of little snacks were available, so Carla, Bridget and me got some plates and started making piles of food on our plates. It tasted very nice. In the mean time me and Carla had also paid a visit to the loo, which was so beautiful! It was like being in a huge doll house! Unbelievable. After our indulgence we got somebody from the staff to give us a little tour. We scurried through the whole building. We saw the library amonst other rooms, where the Queen once sat! Bridget felt the need to tell everybody I was not English and that I was very interested in the building, so somebody else from the staff got me a folder!
Ange offered me a ride home. It was only two or three streets away but nobody seemed to like the idea of me walking home by myself. Carla said she'd have taken a detour with her boyfriend if it hadn't been for Ange offering a ride. The walk to Ange's car was probably the same distance as the distance to my house, but allright. A very appreciated gesture.
It had been a very nice evening.

Now tonight the pub next door is opening, so I'm going there. Daniella will be there and I wouldn't be surprised if I find Martin and maybe Keil there and perhaps a few other faces that I know [but obviousely are still nameless]. Should be allright I hope.

Did I mention I won 17 pounds at bingo last Sunday? Woohoo! Mary's off on holiday now, though, so no bingo this Sunday.

What else?

Oh, right.
Last night...
As some of you might know I like to play Team Fortress 2. My friends on TeamSpeak entered a TF2 competition and last night there was a match again. I was supposed to be backup in case they were short a player, and I got to play!
Usually I don't take the game very seriousely but this was the first time I actually got angry and the bloody game and the others. Mieke do this Mieke go there MIEEKEEEEE. *Leave me alone I'm doing my best!* And so the story continued. Too much pressure!
We won though, but seriousely. Quite an experience.

And I think that's all for now.
Cheers, my dears.

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Quickly now

semi-overcast -19 °C

I'm ever so sorry for the long silence.
I hope to write a new entry later today, after work.

Remind me to write about my parents' visit and the meeting in the building I wish to be my house.

All of this requires writing today because this evening I have another event I have to write about. If I weren't to do that I'd forget the details you see, and they are what makes a story "fun". Or if you have a better word.. worthwhile!

Anyway, I have to go to work now.
This is just to let you know I'm still alive [and kicking].

Cheers, my dears.

[The flabberghastingly low temperature is just to indicate .. winter is on its way!]

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