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After many a request, I'm back for an update.
I don't remember where I ended last.
Anyhow. Celine came over from Holland for a couple of days. It was interesting as she was stuck on airports and such. Where she was supposed to be here Friday afternoon, she didn't arrive until Saturday, midnight. I travelled down to Birmingham and we went to a hotel by the airport. The hotel was absolutely brilliant, it was terribly chique. The shower was heavenly and breakfast was very nice. After packing and checking out at the very last minute, we walked to Birmingham International trainstation, which was closer than the actual airport. Took the train back to Stafford. There was a direct train but honesly you couldn't fit a single extra person in there. It was like bloody sardines. We got home eventually, walked 'round Stafford a bit and chatted away. In the evening we went for a meal at the hotel my parents resided at during their stay here. Very enjoyable. We wanted to get some wine and chrisps at Tesco [said to be open 24/7], but we found it to be closed. Jolly good. Got the cheapest stuff we could find and ended up not drinking it as we had an early night.
We had the place to ourselves as both Tom and the Chinese were gone althought I did bump into Martin at some point, making rounds through the building to turn all the heaters on. He showed me the inside of both the uninhabited room and the room belonging to the Chinese. [Shh]
That night when Celine got back, we sat in the kitchen chatting and drinking, ..
A lot of noise!
The Chinese stood in the hallway with a suitcase and a friend of his. I was like.. WHUT?
And he was like.. "Could you please move the drying rack..."
We put the drying rack in the middle of the hallway since we had no business on that side of the flat. So there.. he was back. Shocker.
The next morning I could hear the Chinese popping into the shower, turning the water off, etc, when Martin came into the flat. Next thing you know he's saying Whooooo sorry mate! Didn't know you were back!

  • Lots of talk*

Next thing you know somebody's knocking on my door. I open up and find Martin standing there, requesting to be killed.
Too much skin..

Celine and I left for Holland the same day and both arrived with just one hours' delay.
My journey was interesting though. This lad sat next to me. He seemed nice enough, but he was sighing all the bloody time! Moaning and groaning and sighing and making NOISE. He was unaware of his fiddlings though. I sat with him on the boat and we had some nice conversation, but eventually we were both trying to sleep a bit. I was not feeling all to well. There was a family sitting next to us. The man of the family had a little baby on his lap. The baby was all upset so the man was softly humming to him/her. Both the guy who was sat next to me and I were enjoying the guy's humming. Aren't we all just babies sometimes. It was so calming.
Had a free trip from the station to home because the bus driver was in a Christmas mood.
Next I spent two weeks running about, visiting people. Didn't get everything I wanted to do done, unfortunately. On the other hand, I've only got like a week left here. Weird enough.. makes me kind of sad.

My journey back was interesting. I'm becoming a true Heerlen-London Eurolines expert. I had to sit next to this player type person who was talking to people on the phone all the time. I was very happy to see him get off the bus in Antwerp. I had two seats to myself! Before I had gotten all comfy, though, we found ourselves in Brussels and the bus was entirely full again, but this time a girl came to sit next to me - she was nice. All went well. On the boat I talked to a Dutch lady a bit who had been living in England for a few years. I felt great as I had taken a travel tablet - first time I've had a pleasant boat trip come to think of it. We actually arrived in London an hour earlier than expected. I got a cab. It was marvellous crossing though London at five in the morning, there's hardly anything going on. Considering the hour it was actually interesting to see how much there *was* going on. ..
Anyhow. Once I got to Euston I was absolutely knackered and I had about three hours to wait for my train. I checked the machines, but buying another ticket would have cost me about 60 pounds extra. Not worth it.
When I finally got to my train I sat there with a sleepy face, leaning against the window with a pillow, trying to get some sleep. I even set my alarm, just in case. I was surrounded by people in suits and things, making their way to work. The sky was clear blue and the sun was shining straight into my face. No! Noooo! It's still sleep-time. Lemmealone.

When I got back home, fiddling with the keys, Martin comes out of his flat saying heeey how was your Christmas, just got back? Ehh.. No, I went grocery shopping with my suitcase ;D
Then Tom made me coffee which was really nice.
I got a warm welcome at work. Next Monday we're all going for dinner together as a sort of farewell.
A few days back I booked my tickets back. I didn't want to. It's too definate. I wouldn't mind staying longer.
Anyway.. this Friday Tom and I are getting a new flat mate. Bumped into him and Martin a few days ago when I was home for my lunch. Timing, I'm telling you.

Furthermore I've started packing some boxes that need to be shipped home, with books and things. Mainly books. All these things to be arranged.
Tomorrow's my day off and I'll probably be spending some time in the library again, printing and copying things. Yupieee.

Today I made a nice British meal: Jacket potatos with baked beans. Quite tasty as well.

That's all I've got to say for now.
Might write some more one of the coming days. Might not.
Wait and see.

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