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A weekend of pure bliss

Allright. There's a lot to say so brace yourselves. I'm in no state to be typing loads, or perhaps the I'm-only-just-awake-and-brain-has-not-yet-switched-on state is the best one to be in. Time will tell.
I'll just start with last weekend I suppose.

Right. So I had been packing for a few days - eventually I had even thought of an entire [brilliant] system. I had my backpack with all the heavy stuff in it and then my suitcase with just a cushion and a blanket, nice and light. Then when required I could just pop my backpack into the suitcase and only have one piece of luggage.
I was nervous about how the whole thing was going to work out due to the whole panic that had arisen because of all the snow. As Tom had said: it's fun to pretend the world is ending even though we know it's not.
Everything went perfectly. I was to meet up with Joyce and Ton at London Euston at a certain spot [can't be bothered to explain], but when I had disembarked from the train and walked a bit I suddenly heard somebody say my name, so I was like huh? It was Ton, which explained my confusion as I had never met him before. Anyway, I got a tube ticket which cost ages and then we went to Victoria where I left my suitcase [2 in 1] at the left luggage and then it was time for our trip to begin.
We started making our way to Leicester Square where they had discovered a street with secondhand bookshops, but first we wanted to go get a drink. In order to get to the pub, though, we had to walk through the street and it was absolutely awesome. We went to the pub by Leicester Square where I had sat with my new classmates when I was in London with them. We couldn't get cappuchino [machine's broken!] so we went for coffee but that machine [or is it the same -.-'] was broken, too. So yay, I went for a cup of tea.
Then on to the little street. Soon we realised this was not the right street to go to if you were looking for cheap secondhand books. They were all rarities with signatures and so on. One of the shop assistants [lucky to get rid of us, I'm sure] told us to go there and there [Charing Cross road, if I remember correctly] for some more bookshops. So we went on our way and while we were walking in that direction we bumped into a whole load of secondhand bookshops! Oh my! It was so awesome. Bookshops like you want them to be. Book cases up to the ceiling all filled up and then piles of books on the floor [basically a big mess] with a cute stepladder and a person behind the counter who's even aware of everything he has in stock.
After those couple of shops we decided we were hungry and went looking for a pub. We found one off the beaten track, in Greek Street. It looked like a pub should look except there was [after enquiry] an Italian lad behind the bar. It was the first time for me to try Irish soda bread and I'm telling you it was absolutely delicious! We had some fun looking at some really really big people pretty much absorbing the tiny stools into their system. But enough about that.
What did we do after that. *Thinks
I think then we went looking for a certain bookshop that had been somewhere in Soho [if I'm correct] at some point, but after a lot of walking we discovered it was no longer there, which was a shame. We walked back. On our route we walked past Paul McCarney's studio in Soho.
Then we went on to a more remote place. We hopped into the tube and got off a bit later [d'oh]. After walking a bit we arrived at the most awesome bookshop yet. I felt ever so tiny. There were little paths in what seemed to be a massive book maze. With just a bit of luck you could squeeze one person in one of them paths - you'd become claustrophobic instantly. I didn't go downstairs but Ton did and had a laugh because he said there was a piano there pretty much burried underneath books, too. Everything apart from the bit where you could actually play it. After that another bookshop furder down the road and that was interesting to see. The guy there did business on amazon as there were boxes piled up with an amazon logo on them and everything. Anyway. After that we went looking for a pub which was as easily said as done. [Can you say that?] It was another carpeted pub with a fire place and a dog running about. There were some strange people there. We were sat right next to a very strange guy. He was just sitting there with his pint in front of him, occasionally muttering some things. At a certain point he got up and walked toward the fireplace. Then he slowly started lifting up his mac. First thing I thought was that he was going to take a wee in the fire place but when is bottom was revealed he turned around and started warming his bottom by the fire. Then when he decided that was enough he turned around to warm the front. Suddenly it was enough and he walked back to *his* seat. An Asian guy walked in. He whispered: DVD? DVD? ... DVD? One guy responded and bought some DVD's. It was as if I was looking at some illegal drug trade. The cherry on the top was the lady in her stained mac, Russian hat and wellies getting up [she just sat there..] and suddenly amically greeting the guys in the pub to say goodbye. There's life in there!
I think after that we made our way back to Victoria to get a bite to eat. We found ourselves in the pub right next to/in Victoria station. It was a bit like a McDonald's in pub-form. It was nice though. Then we got my suitcase and walked to the coach station. Joyce and Ton dropped me off after which they left.
I just hate that so much. Being somewhere by yourself with loads of luggage. Even going to the toilet is a problem. I had to drag the suitcase inside with me but I left it in the hallway with the taps and then being afraid they'll take your suitcase away because you left it there by itself and that they're going to destroy it! Oh noooooess!
The coach trip was the nicest one so far. There were so few people in the bus that I had nobody in front of me, nobody behind me and I had the two seats to myself. Perfect. The only place where things were stupid was by the boat where we had to wait ages because there was a storm at sea. Anyway, all went well and I even slept for a bit. At one point we were in Brussels and I closed my eyes. Next thing I know I open my eyes and we're still in a city so I thought whut, Brussels can't be this big, but we had arrived in Antwerp.
Eventually when I got home everybody was still asleep, fancy that. So I rang the doorbel and my moms face appeared in the window and it was absolutely priceless. We had breakfast [had a croissant!] and I had a shower. Later I went to visit my aunt and uncle and my cousin and her boyfriend came by. Good times. Then I went to say hi to my neighbours and after that I went into town with my sister after having paid a visit to the bookshop. More surprised faces!
In the evening we celebrated Sinterklaas and I went to bed dead early. I slept like a baby in my own bed! The next morning I took Michael to school and then called my grandmother if I could stop by. So that's what I did. When I was at the station I met up with another cousin who put me on the train. So far so good. I had to change trains in Maastricht, where a friend would be waiting. "Bad news.." Oh no..
The train to Brussels that I had to catch wasn't running. Panic all around. Then we went for a drink in the café by the station when suddenly the train re-appeared on the board. With a big delay a tiny train ran into the station. So we forced our drinks down and ran off. I had to change trains in Liège. That train was delayed, too. When I got to Brussels I really had to go to the toilet so I started walking but the station turned out to be absolutely huge so the walking part took me ages. By the time I'd gone to the toilet I had to rush back to the Eurostar thingy where I rushed through customs and everything. Walked to my part of the train which was, obviousely, all the way to the front. When I had found my spot it was only about five minutes to departure.
And the rush is not over.
It was dark outside allready so tunnel or no tunnel it all looked the same. Pitch black. You could feel the train was going really fast though.
We arrived in London with a delay which *curseword* because I had been planning to take a certain train back home. Rushed off, bought a tube ticket, hopped on the tube [4 pounds for one station..], rushed off go buy a train ticket [50 blummin' pounds] and LUCKILY the train I had been planning to take was delayed as well so in the end all worked out.
I was sat next to a very nice lady who, when I was on the phone to my mother, recognised that I was talking Dutch. During the whole trip we were talking about all sorts. At one point suddenly everything started dancing in front of my eyes and I felt a bit light headed. Right. It was about 20.30 at this point and I hadn't eaten since lunch time. So I ate some pepernoten.

All is well that ends well.

I'll leave it at this for now. I have more to say but that for some other time. =D

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