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I saw santa!

Right. Good morning. I just woke up and I'll tell you I'd rather have been asleep still instead of writing what seems to have become my weekly blog. No promises, no nothing. Just read what I'm about to write but by that time, will have written.

To start off with the thing with the plaster. I had bought a loaf of bread and sat here in peace slicing the bread up when suddenly: AUCH [and perhaps a few other words]. Blood everywhere, oh nooos! So I stick my finger under the tap and then keep licking the blood off whilst looking for my plasters which, of course, were nowhere to be seen. So I stumble into the kitchen and find both Chinese jumping up to find me a plaster. Which was really nice.

I found a way to tuck myself in! I have one duvet which is like a normal duvet is supposed to be like on a bed and then I have another one spread out across the end of the bed in the opposite direction, giving me extra duvet lengths to use to tuck underneath the bed. It was time for a peaceful night, knowing I wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night with legs sticking out or even worse: a duvet on the floor.

I'm trying to think of what *exciting* things I've done. Last Sunday I went to the bingo again in the evening, which was rather pleasant. Mary is now a nana! His name's Joshua. Didn't win anything though, which was rather sad but then again I'd had a glass of wine so I failed to care much.

Monday I was all over the place. I was tired because of bingo for starters, and then I spent the morning in the shop where I belong. Then I went out to get my lunch, got back to cover Hannah's lunch and after that I took my bike out and cycled up to Littleworth to cover for Tracy because she had to go to hospital for something. I had one volunteer who was leaving at three. Tracy told me I could do whatever I liked do some sorting or w/e. I started off sorting some clothes - I started a rag bag and put some clothes on a side to be steamed. After I had sorted about a bag a load of donations came in so I sat on the floor in the middle room separating the for-sure cr*p from the possibly-shop-worthy. Quite interesting to see the things you run into. On the other hand you sometimes start wondering what people do to their things. Like when we get books in that are just.. You should be able to file a complaint against people who do that to their books, anyway.
Then when Tracy got back I went home. Neither Tracy nor the people in the Stafford shop liked the idea of me cycling home in the dark since the Weston Road is very very busy, even though I'd just be cycling on the pavement.
In the evening I went to visit Martin. His apartment is really awesome! What I found doubtful, though, is that he has carpet on his bathroom floor. We played some xbox and then watched South Park - the episodes in which Justin Bieber is murdered.
Martin has some really nice guitars! I played a bit one of them: a black guitar with steel strings, I just adore that sound, but I tore my finger open again so that wasn't much of a success. Had fun, though!

Tuesday I can't remember.. I just know Bridget was there, because she always is on Tuesdays, so we probably had fun! I think Carla was there as well so yay!

Wednesday: no particular memories.

Thursday: my day off! I woke up and felt like cleaning. And when I feel like that, then I give in. So.. I vacume cleaned, did all my dishes, did all my laundry, cleaned the bathroom and cleared out the little thingy in the shower because the water wasn't flowing off properly anymore and I did all my groceries. I went out to buy a celeriac because I had been intending to make pea soup. At Sainsbury's the celeriacs are about three pounds, but as I was wandering in the city market I found one for ONE pound! It was loads fresher than the Sainsbury's one, too. The market stall will now have preferential treatment.
I made apple pie which turned out pretty nice and afterwards I started making pea soup, but halfway through the Chinese suddenly came home and started cooking as well, or at least making preparations. I was still sitting there with my laptop and everything but after a while I just though I'd retreat to my chambers as it was really quiet in the kitchen and I felt like I was disturbing their ritual [which obviousely I was]. Next time I'll start earlier so Tom and me can have some pea soup together instead of both scurrying in and out of the kitchen to fill up our plates. Afterwards I gave him a slice of apple pie, too, which he really seemed to like.
Later I found Daniella in the common room and gave her some apple pie as well.
We still have no remote control, it's really sad. How hard can it be to find two batteries?

Friday: I went to the post office in the morning before work to pick up a parcel for my dad. I gave the man behind the counter my ID-card and the piece of paper I needed to show and the first thing he said when looking at my ID-cards was something like: ehhh?
Anyway, they spent ages [everybody joined in] looking for my parcel as it seemed to have been placed in some undetectable spot. "What size is it?" "Ehh.. quite big? Very heavy?" And then suddenly it was easy to find! Then started the journey to work. I was walking about town with the parcel and every step got more difficult and my arms wanted to give in but I couldn't! Don't, don't! Keep going! And I made it and then got funny faces as I stumbled into the shop with my parcel.
Turned out I had to go to a Manual Handling training. I went to the Collectibles shop on the other side of town together with Carla. Small as the shop floor is, the bigger is all their extra space 'round the back. They had a little room behind the shop and then an entire first floor! It was amazing. Somebody explained to us how our spine works and how to lift boxes. It was rather interesting, but it just comes down to the fact that they have to tell us so they can't be blamed when somebody injures themself. You have to get up close and personal with the box or whatever you're carrying, so the woman stuck a picture of blummin' Kevin Cosner on the box. That doesn't help you know. Johnny Depp would have sufficed much better. It was interesting for my vocabulary, though. Now I know about slipped discs! There was an Irish woman [good on the first guess] sitting next to me who was really funny. Afterwards Carla and I went back to the other shop but we made a little stop on the market square as some sort of market was going on. There was a stall with books, but they were all chuck-worthy.
When we got back Bridget was really upset as a Dutch lady had just been in the shop, but left five minutes before we got back. Fancy that. She's coming back some time to say hi to me, though.
Later in the afternoon Sony and Rosemary were in so it's bound to be fun. We had fun with a bunch of porcelain dolls: Gail, Loïs and a third one whose name I can't recall. Rosemary invited me 'round to her place so I'll go for a visit later today I think.
After work I got a text from Daniella - if I wanted to go for a drink. Yes, sure, but after I finish my tea, please. So I finished my soup and we met outside at 6 o' clock. She wanted to check out a newly opened place. It was really posh but since I didn't really know what her "scene" is I kept my mouth shut, but she felt the same. We finished out bottle of rosé [buy two glasses of the same bottle and get the rest of the bottle for free] and decided to go somewhere else. We ended up at a rather big [it was huge] place, but much better than the previous one. We got a bottle of red wine [same offer as the other place, but 50p cheaper] and carried on chatting about all sorts. She got hungry and ordered a dish with chips 'n' cheese. Like.. are you kidding me, seriously? Chips and cheese? Whoever thought of that? British people.. I'm telling you. I did eat some of them though. I probably should try chips with vinegar at some point but the idea is just too revolting. We also had some chocolate chip thingies with icecream. It was a blast! At about 10 I asked if we could be headed home as I did have to work the day after. The journey home [two streets] was rather interesting and we spent quite long in the hallway talking. Well, Daniella was talking, a lot, she was really quite far gone, and I mainly listened and laughed. Anyway. Before I went to bed I had a friend of mine read me a story on TeamSpeak and I tried to fall asleep but I just had to giggle all the time.
As is predictable: I hardly slept.
The next morning I felt bad. My stomach was upset and it was upset the rest of the day. I made a mug of coffee before I went to work which didn't really help but it was a nice try. It was good for my will to work hard though because I was just wandering around the shop and doing this and that - I couldn't stand still. We were hoping for it to be a really busy day as the Christmas parade was in town! It was to start at 11 in the morning so I went out with my camera, ready for some snapshots of Santa [I was really excited I was going to see Santa]. It was so crowded in town, unbelievable. There were also rides everywhere and there was a christmassy atmosphere everywhere. Along came the parade - it was really quite nice. People dressed in weird fashions and everything, I almost felt as if it was Carnaval except that nobody in the crowd was dressed up, but the part where everybody is freezing was applicable. It took ages before I got to see Santa, though, I had already given up so I started walking back to the shop and a little after I arrived back there, Santa passed. I made loads of pictures so I'll be uploading them later. It was busier in the shop than usually but hardly any more sales, maybe even less. I got talking with an American lady who had moved to Stafford because she got married with this man she had met on the Internet. Funny how things go. I said: aren't you homesick? She mainly missed the food. I wanted to say: that's not hard, though? We have McDonald's! But that's lame and I didn't. I can see what she's getting at as I am experiencing the same at some points. Although that might not be the food as much as having somebody to do the cooking for you.
After work I went home for a bite to eat and then went back out into town as they would be officially turning the Chrismas lights on in town. It was so busy, unbelievable. I felt like going to watch a football match in Germany, that busy! A band was playing on the stage and later they turned the lights on which was really nice and everybody said: Oohhh!
And then there were fireworks! It was so beautiful! I tried to make some pictures but I think most of them failed, I'll take a look later. It smelt like new years' eve. Then I went back home and watched the xfactor with Dannii and the Asian guy.
Later I went to sleep and that leaves me where I am now. Just had breakfast and now I have to think of what to do with my day. I still have to do some shopping for when Celine is here. I already bought a second soup/cereal bowl but obviousely I need more cutlery and crockery still.

I'll leave it at that for now.

Oh, one more thing.
For some magical reason Sue has decided I'm allright and started talking to me. I'm so surprised. The first time she actually mentionned my name when she was leaving: Bye, Mieke! I was like whut? It's nice, though. I don't know what goes on inside her mind but I'm glad I made it across the barrier.

Cheers my dears. Have a nice Sunday.

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