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Hello everybody,

Time to make a cuppa tea!


And I have a cuppa tea.
With a spash of milk - it's the exact right colour now.
Just made a bunch of pepernoten with the last bit of dough I had left. I also did the dishes and partially cleared my floor, which was very necessary.

Right, so I had all these plans for today [visit the castle], but of course, just like all the previous times I had decided to do so, that didn't happen. Instead much better things happened. I knew that today a bunch of soldiers would be marching past my house around 10 / 11 o' clock. I got out of my bed at about nine, so that was perfect. By the time I walked out of the building, a soldier marched by on the street, shouting LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT [and so on]. Perfect timing! I went to find a place amonst the crowd and a little while later I heard a voice say: heeey mate come stand with me! Daniella!
She'd had a funny experience. She heard the soldier shouting and opened her window [which is right by the street] and looked right into the faces of all the soldiers - both equally shocked.
We looked at the ceremony and shut up for two minutes to remember all British soldiers. Apart from a dog and a few crying children it was a lovely silence. So many people had come out to see the ceremony, even the mayor was there. When a car came driving up the street she said what a d******d! A good laugh when we discovered it was the major and not somebody wrecking the ceremony. He looked like the pope with walking sticks, no offence. He was wearing a really fancy robe and he was ever so old and had arthritis. Turns out they have a new mayor here every year.
After that they'd have a ceremony in church and after that a march through town. We didn't go to church but instead went to have a hot chocolate and a stroll through town. We were absolutely freezing our toes off, but it was worth it. I stood there clapping for all the soldiers, navy people, air force [I don't know.. just take a look at the pictures I will post later]. Then a little girl said: Was that all? She, too, couldn't feel her toes anymore.
Then I had a walk through some shops with Daniella, which was good fun. After that we both returned to our rooms.
I went out to get some groceries and to pay Adam a visit, but unfortunatly Adam had already gone home. Better luck next Sunday, because I wanted to go ask him if he wanted to accompany me to go see Harry Potter. I don't mind going alone, but I'd rather go with Adam [or whoever]. Danny had already made arrangements.
Oh! And I discovered a little shop in Guildhall has something that resembles [that looks like it's spelled wrong..] speculaaskruiden, so do not despair! I will keep baking!
Later I'm going to make a delicious sandwich for tea and after that I'm going to the bingo again. I had been missed.

Last night was really awesome. I went downstairs to watch the XFactor and I found Danny in front of the tv. Hadn't seen her for ages. She invited me to two dinners. It's her birthday soon and she's going out for dinner with her parents and she invited me to come, because her dad wanted to meet me. I won't say no to that! And she's going for a christmas dinner at the pub next door and invited me to that, too. Ever so nice of her. December is getting packed with dinners and lunches.

What I still had to mention:
The other day they only had one manager in in the shop, so they asked me if I could come in as well, to serve as an assistant of the assistant-mangager, or something of that kind. Yay! We spent the hours sorting out a lot of things in the back, it was good fun. To top all of it up, I've been invited to the annual [assistant]managers' lunch! [This is the first year the assistant-managers have also been invited, but never mind that]. I'm so honoured! AND they asked me if I could cover the pound shop one day a week, Wednesdays. At first I was really excited about that, but as I'm covering Hannah's lunches anyway... I've had enough after half an hour. I like that they trust me enough to leave me there by myself though - even though it's not very legal. I told them that if it's possible I'd like to do half a day, and have somebody else cover the other half of of the day, to which the reply was: We're not allowed to send volunteers over there.
Have I exceeded the "volunteer" status? I feel I have the right to a raise [as I am without payment as it is].

And now to explain the pictures of the Ancient High House. I went there on my day off last Wednesday. Free entrance! So yea. It's one of the oldest buildings in Stafford and it's turned into a museum. It was interesting to see. I got a few leaflets on the history of Stafford, so I'll have a read at some point so see what the origens [this looks weird, too] of my little town are. I also wanted to go into the museum at the market square, but that was closed for some reason. Better luck next time.
I also tried to make carrot soup on my day off, but that failed miserably. I picked the wrong recipe, won't happen again!

This evening, after having finished this little blog, I will make a sandwich! Been looking forward to this the whole day. Didn't get a chance to make it for lunch, so tea it is.

Cheers, dear readers. Blessed be.

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